Friday, January 30, 2015

Village Woman # 2 (illustrated by John Carmine)

In “What I’ve Tasted Of Desire,” a story from Endless Nights, Kara tells the story of her relationship with her husband and ultimately the story of her life.

Prior to falling in love with Kara, her husband, the son of the leader of the village, was a bit of a ladies man and all the women from the village loved him and wanted to be his true love, even if it was only for a night.

This woman is one of the many women who thought he was attractive and desired him.

She appears in Endless Nights, in “What I’ve Tasted Of Desire” page 3, panel 1.

I really like this portrait from John. She’s definitely attractive and I imagine she would catch the eye of Kara’s husband. The colors used on this portrait match those from the published comic and the addition of the green really stands out.

Here is one of the women from Kara’s village…

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