Saturday, January 3, 2015

Small Mindless Insect-Like Creature # 4 (illustrated by John Carmine)

Here is another character from Sandman Overture.

There is a distant planet where one of the three dominant life forms is a small mindless insect-like creature.

These creatures are not intelligent and they are primarily interested only food and in laying eggs, but they do have a tendency to swarm and when they swarm they are capable of making art or “exploring the solar system.”

This is one of those small minded insect-like creatures.

It is visible in Sandman Overture # 1, on page 1, in panel 3.

These creatures are sort of creepy and John’s approach to this character seems to intensify the creepiness, by giving us a close up look at the creature. The details on the legs, giving the insect joints, really adds a realistic touch to this bizarre character. I also really like the varying depths of red used on this creature. It definitely adds to the disturbing quality of this insect.

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