Saturday, January 31, 2015

Burgess’ Servant # 3 (illustrated by Max Rugers)

When Dian Belmont and Annabel Forbes-Whitten arrives at Fawney Rig for the Burgess party they wander the mansion looking at the art hanging in the hallways.

Annabel asks Dian to give her a moment so she can remember her lover from 10 years ago.

Dian explores the mansion and sees a large man carrying a jar filled with blood. He is presumably a cook for the mansion.

This is that servant.

He appears in Sandman Midnight Theatre on page 33 in panel 5.

Max did a great job with this portrait. As always, I love the line work on his face. Max’s approach to this is a lot less disturbing than the character in the published comic, but he managed to give him a bit more humanity, which I really like.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Village Woman # 2 (illustrated by John Carmine)

In “What I’ve Tasted Of Desire,” a story from Endless Nights, Kara tells the story of her relationship with her husband and ultimately the story of her life.

Prior to falling in love with Kara, her husband, the son of the leader of the village, was a bit of a ladies man and all the women from the village loved him and wanted to be his true love, even if it was only for a night.

This woman is one of the many women who thought he was attractive and desired him.

She appears in Endless Nights, in “What I’ve Tasted Of Desire” page 3, panel 1.

I really like this portrait from John. She’s definitely attractive and I imagine she would catch the eye of Kara’s husband. The colors used on this portrait match those from the published comic and the addition of the green really stands out.

Here is one of the women from Kara’s village…

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Granny Goodness’ Minion # 4 (illustrated by Lukas Ketner)

On his quest to recover his stolen ruby, Dream finds himself visiting the Justice League.

He enters the Justice League Tower through the dreams of Scott Free, who is in the middle of having a nightmare remembering his time on Apokolips. In his nightmare, Scott is being put in to the Murder Machine with the help of Granny Goodness’ Minions.

The Minion appears in Sandman # 5, on page 5, in panel 4.

I really like this portrait from Lukas. I like the serious and loyal expression on this man’s face. He seems stern and ready to follow any orders given by Granny Goodness. Lukas added some Kirby Krackle to the background of this portrait, which I think is a very nice tough, paying homage to Jack Kirby who created Granny Goodness and likely her minions.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Serial Killer # 63 (illustrated by Anna Hybsier)

This is another Serial Killer who is in attendance at the Cereal Convention.

He appears in Sandman # 14, on page 32, in panel 8.

This Serial Killer is in the audience as The Corinthian is giving his speech about why his fellow killers take the lives of others. Unbeknownst to him, he is sitting directly in from of Morpheus, the King Of Dreams and witnesses the un-creation of The Corinthian.

Anna’s use of tally marks to indicate the role of the character is perfect. This character is very striking. Anna fully captured the hardness of the character. His evil stare really draws you in.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Demon # 269 (illustrated by Max Rugers)

I will admit, I am inclined to ask Max to draw Demons with each group of characters I give him and I often times have to hold myself back because I like to give him a wide range of characters for him to draw.

This portrait is another perfect example of why I like Max to draw demons.

This character is one of the many demons that attends the challenge between Chronzon and Dream in the Hellfire Club.

He appears in Sandman # 4, on page 17, in panel 11.

This strange demon is barely visible in the published comic and Max did a great job giving this character life and a personality.

Here is Demon # 269…

Monday, January 26, 2015

Man # 202 (illustrated by John Carmine)

In London in June 1920, the news of John Hathaway’s suicide spreads through the city. Young boys are selling newspapers with headlines questioning his mental health and asking questions of the mysteries surrounding his death. The streets are bustling.

This man is standing on the sidewalk watching two boys play in the street.

He appears in Sandman # 1, on page 14, in panel 1.

In the published comic, we cannot see much of this character aside from his hat and hair. John took those two features and created this character. He did a fantastic job accurately capturing the era in which this man lived and I love the details in the background, like the car and the buildings.

Here is Man # 202…

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Dreamer # 15 (illustrated by Lukas Ketner)

In Preludes And Nocturnes, Dream battles John Dee in order to prevent the destruction of the dream world and to regain his stolen ruby.

While the battle ensues, the effects are felt by all those who are sleeping.

This man is one of the many people who is asleep and feels the horrifying effects of Dream’s struggle to regain his stolen ruby. This Dreamer’s sleep is filled with the darkest nightmares.

This Dreamer appears in Sandman # 7, on page 14, in panel 4.

This is a great portrait from Lukas. I really like the line work on this character’s face. It gives him personality and helps define him. I also enjoy how Lukas drew his hair. That may sound a bit odd, but I really like looking at how he used a series of lines to give a very distinct impression of this man’s hairstyle. It’s fun looking at how the individual likes make up a complete portrait.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Cain and Abel (Japanese Incarnations) – Max Rugers

In Dream Hunters, the Monk visits The Dreaming after discovering the Fox, near dead on his doorstep, having protected him from ill dreams.

When the Monk entered The Dreaming he found himself standing before two houses. There were two men sitting near a pond fishing.

The Monk asked for directions to The King Of All Night’s Dreaming and one of the men (who was the Japanese incarnation of Cain) replied “How can you not go to him when all the ways are his?”

The other man, who was fat and seemed sad, sneezed and pointed to a specific hill.

The Monk bowed and walked on his way.

Once the Monk reached the hill he turned and looked back toward the two houses. The fat man (who was Abel) was not floating face down in the pond, while the other watched on from the balcony of his house.

This interaction appears in the Yoshitaka Amano version of Dream Hunters on pages 86 and 87.

I absolutely love these portraits from Max. I really like the muted colors and the details added to each of these portraits. Abel, indeed, looks sad and Cain, who is slightly hunched over, has a slightly cunning expression on his face.

Max created these two portraits to sit side by side with each other, which is a pretty awesome. Here is Cain and Abel, as well as the combined portrait. I hope you enjoy them.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Mechanical Woman # 2 (illustrated by Anna Hybsier)

In Baghdad, in the time of Haroun al Raschid, there were many wonders and splendors. There were enchanters, poets and musicians. There were animals that could speak like men, men with the heads of animals and mechanical wonders that imitated life.

This is one of the Mechanical Women that exist in Baghdad during the reign of Haroun al Raschid.

She can be seen in Sandman # 50, on page 4, in panel 6.

I love this portrait from Anna. She did a fantastic job with this character. I love the blues used, giving this mechanical wonder a feeling that she is created out of a silvery chrome metal. Also, I love the character’s eyes. The eye lashes are absolutely perfect. This portrait definitely gives a sense that this character is not human and I think this is one of my favorite portraits Anna has done so far.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Worlds’ End Patron # 67 (illustrated by John Carmine)

Brant Tucker is one of many people stuck at The Worlds’ End free house as a storm rages outside. He, like the others, listens to some of the other patrons tell stories, but he also wanders around the inn and sees a wide range of people and creatures who are trapped by the storm.

This patron of Worlds’ End is one of three bizarre looking people who have a confrontation with another group of patrons from the inn. It’s not clear what caused this confrontation.

This character appears in Sandman # 56, on page 4, in panel 1.

Not only is this an awesome character, but John did an amazing job with this portrait. I love the use of watercolors and the expression on the character’s face absolutely sets the atmosphere for their emotional state due to the confrontation with the other patron.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Baku # 2 (illustrated by Lukas Ketner)

In The Dream Hunters, the Fox journeys into The Dreaming, hoping to save the life of the Monk, who she loves. She encounters Dream as a large black fox.

As she stands before the Dream Lord she stares across the wasteland and sees a group of Baku grazing. The fox knew that if a dreamer wakes from a dream of ill-omen they could call upon the Baku to eat the bad dreams and hope to prevent the events the dream foretold.

The Fox asked Dream if she were to catch a Baku after it consumed a dream what would happen. Dream replies that the Baku and crafty and hard to catch and if they are caught they are harder to contain.

This is one of the Baku.

It appears in The Dream Hunters on pages 34-35.

Lukas did a wonderful job with this character. This creature reminds me a little of a cross between a boar, an elephant and an eagle, and I think that is mostly due to the shape of the head and the unyielding gaze of this Baku. This is another amazing portrait from Lukas.

Here is Baku # 2…

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Man Who Sought Advice From The Onmyoji # 2 (illustrated by Anna Hybsier)

The Onmyoji was a rich and powerful man in Kyoto. He was a high official in the Board of Divination and many people sought him out for advice and favors.

This man is one of the people who sought advice from him.

He appears in P. Craig Russell’s version of The Dream Hunters in issue # 2, on page 3, in panel 6.

I absolutely love this portrait from Anna. In the published comic this character is a human shaped outline, but Anna took this character and gave him a personality and a life of his own. He feels like he easily fits within this story and within the Sandman universe. I love details about this character, the lines of his face, his white beard and hair. I like the expression on his face. I like the pattern on his clothing. This is just a fantastic portrait and one of my favorites from Anna.

Monday, January 19, 2015

San Francisco Resident # 19 (illustrated by Max Rugers)

Emperor Joshua Norton, the first emperor of the United States Of America died on January 8th, 1880 around 8:00pm.

This is one of the men who rushed to his side, as the rain fell and the city lost one of San Francisco’s most celebrated citizens.

He appears in Sandman # 31, on page 24, in panel 5.

I like this portrait from Max. I like the red and how it contrasts with the blacks and grays of the character.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Military Patient # 2 (illustrated by John Carmine)

In Preludes and Nocturnes, Stefan Wasserman is one of the people suffering the effects of Morpheus being captured and imprisoned.

Stefan joined the military and due to a lack of sleep he begins to go crazy as the nightmares infect his life.

Stefan spends time with the military doctors, who blame his condition on an extreme case of shell shock.

This man is one of the people being treated by the military doctors.

He is in Sandman # 1, page 14, panel 1.

John’s approach to this character is a bit more brutal than I expected, given that only this character’s feet are available in the published comic. We see the effects of war on this character and war is definitely not pretty. This is an honest and perfect portrait for this patient.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Japanese Man # 23 (illustrated by Lukas Ketner)

After he Fox, has taken her revenge, The Onmyoji wandered the streets, homeless and crazy.

This man is one of the many people who passed him by as he sat on the streets.

He appears in The Dream Hunters # 4, on page 27 in panel 2.

One thing I appreciate about the P. Craig Russell version of Dream Hunters is his attention to background characters. Each character is unique and interesting to look at.

Lukas took this character from Dream Hunters and brought him to life. I like the realism that he brought to this portrait. The line work for this portrait is exceptional. The details on his face, clothes, hat and even the box he has on his back really accents the character and makes him one of my favorite portraits from Lukas.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Man # 67 (illustrated by Anna Hybsier)

Uraina Blackwell does not leave her house, but when an old friend, Della Kariakis, calls her and asks to take her out to lunch, Rainie puts on a mask and ventures outside.

During lunch Della says some things about some special needs children who walk passed the restaurant and Uraina is upset and cannot concentrate on her mask and it slips off revealing her real face. She is embarrassed and runs away.

This man is one of the people who see Uraina Blackwell’s true features as she runs down the street.

He appears in Sandman # 20, on page 12, in panel 1.

I like this portrait from Anna. I like his round face. This is one of those portraits that I can look at the details…the lines that make up his face and how the glide across the paper. The lines are smooth and they make sense. I like that.

Here is Man # 67…

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Dead Man # 31 (illustrated by Max Rugers)

This Dead Man is one of the many that resides in the Underworld and encounters Orpheus when he stands before Lord Hades and Queen Persephone and implores them to return Eurydice to him.

He appears in The Sandman Special # 1, on page 31, in panel 5.

Max has a way of evoking strong emotions with this portraits and this is no exception. The darkness used as background for this portrait really creates an impression on you. I love the blank stare that this character has. This is another great portrait of one of the many residents of Hades.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Wedding Musician # 1 (illustrated by John Carmine)

At the wedding of Orpheus and Eurydice, there is music and dancing and gaiety before tragedy strikes the newly married couple.

This Greek citizen is at the wedding reception and is playing music with a few other people, while the guests of the party dance.

He appears in The Sandman Special # 1, on page 7, in panel 5.

I really like this portrait from John. The watercolors really adds a pretty cool feel to the portrait. I like the sky and the blueness of the temple in the background. There’s also a visual texture that is created the varying shades of green on the bushes behind the musician. This is a very rich portrait and definitely one of my favorite portraits from John.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Raven # 2 (illustrated by Lukas Ketner)

Prior to The Kindly Ones entering The Dreaming, the Ravens, typically solitary birds, feel the call and take flight from the House build of dead rock and bones, built on the heath where a cold wind blows. They leave the house on the heath and begin flocking to The Dreaming, awaiting war.

This Raven appears in Sandman # 63 Page 21, Panel 4.

This is easily one of my favorite portraits from Lukas. If he decided to release an entire comic (or series) about ravens I’d buy it in a heartbeat because it would be over the top gorgeous!!! The details on this character are outstanding. I love the beak. The line work and structure of the bones around the beak are just perfect. If I didn’t know better I would say that Lukas probably has a pet raven in his studio who models for him when the need arises. This is truly one of my favorite portraits from Lukas.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Faery # 124 (illustrated by Anna Hybsier)

On June 23rd, 1593, a group of Faeries crossed over to Wilmington, England with Titania and Auberon to see the first performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream written by William Shakespeare at the request of Morpheus.

This Faery appears in Sandman # 19, on page 15, in panel 1.

While Titania and Auberon speak to the actors during an intermission, this Faery is standing beside the queen of faeries. I always thought, based on her facial expression, she may be a servant to Titania.

I really like this portrait from Anna. I like the purplish blue colors she used for the faery’s hair and as always there is a smile on her face, although a faint one. This just feels like a really sweet and innocent faery and not as mischievous or frightening as many of the faeries in this issue.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Party Girl # 1 (illustrated by Max Rugers)

In Endless Nights, four people are joined together by a common thread, having visited Delirium’s realm.

One of these people is a writer who is chronicling the adventures of Nicholas Sky-boy and his rebel forces. If he does not continue to write about these boys he believes they will be lost in Hell forever, being tortured by demons.

One of these adventures entails Nicholas and the Sky-Boys leading an attach on Lord Kiss-&-Shah of Hell and the Party Girls.

This is one of the Party Girls.

She appears in Endless Nights, in “Going Inside” on page 8 in panel 2.

This is a fantastic portrait from Max. I love the details he put into this completely bizarre character. It’s also fascinating that he included some of the images from the published comic underneath his painting of the character. You can see glimpses of these mostly in the lower corners.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Sithcundman Of Necropoilis Litharge (illustrated by Lukas Ketner)

When the Endless gather at the stony crossroads in the shadow of the Quinsy Mountains they are met by Sithcundman of Necropolis Litharge and his assistants. The Endless are there to retrieve the Cerements and the Book of Ritual that is in his keeping and under his protection.

He tells them that these items are in the catacombs beneath the city and the Endless create an envoy to retrieve the shroud and book because even Death is not allowed to enter the catacombs beneath the Necropolis.

Sithcundman appears in Sandman # 70, on pages 6-7.

This character was a perfect fit for Lukas and his artistic style. He has a way of drawing that works really well with characters who wear tattered suits and worn top hats. I love the age lines on this character’s face. He looks ancient in the published comic and Lukas easily brings that to this portrait. I also really like the sadness that is clearly visible in this character’s eyes.

Here is Sithcundman of Necropolis Litharge…

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Ghost Boy # 34 (illustrated by John Carmine)

Charles Rowland is the only student at St. Hilarions School for Boys over the holidays. He spends his day reading in the library.

When the dead return to the school Charles finds himself surrounded by the dead boys. They are around him wherever he is…in the lake, bathing, in the dormitory, and in the classrooms.

This ghost is one of the boys who is sitting behind Charless as he tries to read his text book.

He appears in Sandman # 25, on page 16, in panel 1.

John took a pretty straightforward approach to this character. I really like the darkness of this portrait. The blacks of the character are significantly darker than the background, which adds a really eerie feeling to the character and the portrait.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Janet (illustrated by Anna Hybsier)

Todd Faber, the writer and director of the play Typhoid Mary Blues, decided to quit the performance because he is scared.

Janet, one of the actors in the productions visits him on the night he decided to leave. She wanted to talk about her thoughts of how Mary felt to be on the island (but what this is referring to we don’t know since we do not get even a glimpse the performance in the comic).

Todd tells her that he is leaving the production because he is scared. This visibly upsets Janet.

The following day Janet is about to tell the rest of the crew about Todd’s departure, but he arrives for rehearsal rejuvenated after his dream where he encounters Morpheus who inspires hope. Todd tells Janet that “Someones you wake up. Sometimes the fall kills you. And sometimes when you fall, you fly.”

Fear of Falling originally appears in Vertigo Preview # 1 and was later collected as the opening story in The Kindly Ones. Janet appears on pages 1, 2 and 10 of this story.

Anna really enjoys this story and so I wanted her to draw Janet. She did an excellent job with this portrait and with this character. I like the shape of her face. It gives her a sense of friendliness. I also like Janet’s hair. The line work within the hair gives the impression that it is incredibly wavy and it definitely complements the Janet from the published story. This is a fantastic portrait from Anna.