Sunday, January 4, 2015

Dave And Lambkin (illustrated by Russel Roehling)

In the epilogue of The Wake, Hob Gadling and his girlfriend Gwen attend a Renaissance Faire.

As they arrive Dave runs up to Gwen, who apparently has attended Renaissance Festivals in the past. Dave shows Gwen his sheep puppet and introduces him as Lambkin The Humiliator.

Later, after Hob has had a few glasses of beer, Dave sees Hob and goes up to him. Hob is curious about the sheep puppet and Dave explains that he’s made of cotton, which Hob finds amusing. He explains that “in the olden days” people used to call the cotton bush a vegetable lamb.

He continues and complains about the Renaissance Faire saying that it’s nothing at all like the time they are romanticizing. He says that there is no shit, no lice, no nits, and no rotting face cancers. He finds the whole thing a little ridiculous.

As Hob and Dave part ways, he asks Dave to tell Gwen where he is so she can find them when she is finished with her time at the faire.

Dave And Lambkin appear in Sandman # 73.

Russel did an awesome job with this portrait. He managed to capture the geekiness of the character and I love Lambkin. He’s so adorable. The detail on this portrait is over the top and completely fantastic. As always this portrait is exceptional and I love it!!!

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