Thursday, July 18, 2013

Billy Scutt (illustrated by Emonic)

In World’s End, Petrefax tells a story of an air burial he attended for school in which the three other people performing the burial told stories.

Mig told the story of a man named Billy Scutt,his grandfather, who had been convicted of being a Resurrectionist (meaning he dug up dead bodies for anatomy) and was scheduled to be hanged. When his time had come he was offered a chance to prolong his life by becoming the new hangman, under the agreement that he would be hanged near the end of his life.

Billy Scutt was the best hangman the town had ever seen.

After many years of being the hangman in the town Billy Scutt became ill and word began to spread around the town that he was too old and could no longer able to perform his job; he would soon die. When the Sherrif’s men came to take him to the gallows, Billy Scutt, with the help of his wife, was hoisted up, into a standing position, using his hangman’s rope to prevent him from collapsing.

After the sheriff’s men left, Billy Scutt went back to his bed and died that night.

He appears in Sandman # 55.

Emonic did an amazing job with this character. I think he really did an excellent job capturing this character.

Emonic will be at San Diego Comic Con this weekend and will be at book H-11. Stop by and buy some of his prints or get a commission from him and tell him you've seen his work here. He'll appreciate that!!!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Porn Star Man & Porn Star Woman (illustrated by Max Rugers)

In Brief Lives, Dream and Delirium search for their missing brother with the help of Ruby Elisabeth DeLonge, their chauffeur. After driving many miles and visiting the house of the recently deceased Bernie Capax, Ruby suggests stopping for the night in a hotel and resuming their search in the morning.

As Ruby readies herself for bed she flips on the tv and there is an adult film on the television.

These two characters are the actors in that adult film.

They appear in Sandman # 44, on page 12, in panel 3. They are on the television.

Max did a wonderful job with these characters. I like that they are very beautiful and crisp and perfect….as I imagine actors in these types of films would appear. I also like that the portraits lack color, which gives the sense that they are not characters that embody the “real” world, but from the television.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Man # 133 (illustrated by Joëlle Jones)

This man appears in Preludes And Nocturnes in a ship station as Ethel Dee and Ruthven Sykes attempt to disappear from the watchful eye of Roderick Burgess.

This man appears in Sandman # 1, page 16, in panel 2. He is a silhouette near the center of the page.

Joëlle did an awesome job with this character. I really like the little details she added to him. Yes, he does bear a remarkable similarity to Man # 36. I accidentally sent the same character to two different people, but ultimately I don't think it's a problem since this man was in the shadows in the original published panel. I mean really…didn’t everyone look like this in England during the 1930’s?