Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Worlds’ End Patron # 19 (illustrated by Emonic)

This odd looking fellow is one of the many characters who are trapped in Worlds’ End while the storm rages outside.

While this character looks like a stereotypical idea of how the Grim Reaper appears, I am guessing he is not THE Grim Reaper and we all know he is not Death. If he were a citizen from a Necropolis he would probably dress in a similar fashion to Petrefax, Klaproth and the others.

I have not read any of the Worlds’ End scripts and so I do not know if this character was specifically mentioned by Gaiman or if Bryan Talbot drew him as one of the strange characters lingering in the background. I’m guessing he is just a character created by Talbot.

This patron of Worlds’ End appears in at least two panels throughout the storyline. His first appearance is in Sandman # 52, page 2, panel 1. He is located in the middle of the panel in the very very far background. His later appearance is in Sandman # 55, page 2, panel 6 and he is on the left side of the panel, more visible than his previous appearance.

Emonic did a great job with this portrait. I think he really made the character seem like an actual character instead of an obscure background character.

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