Friday, May 23, 2014

Despairing Woman # 1 (illustrated by Max Rugers)

In Brief Lives we get a rare glimpse into Despair’s domain.

Despair lives in a world of mist and mirrors. Each mirror is a gateway into the soul of a despairing creature.

This woman is one of the people that are standing at the gateway to Despair’s realm. She is clearly visible in one of Despair’s mirrors. Why does she despair? In the published comic she appears to have a black eye. How this happened can only be speculated, but whatever has caused this injury has clearly enabled Despair to get her hook into her heart.

She appears in Sandman # 41, page 20 in panel 3.

Max did a wonderful job with this portrait. She is clearly distraught and appears emotionally damaged. Max also used tape on this portrait adding an imbalanced effect, which is pretty awesome. I also like that Max put in the fork, which is very subtle in the original published comic. You will also notice a mirror in the background. This is particularly important for this character since she is seen in one of Despair’s mirrors. This is a fantastic portrait from Max!!!

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