Saturday, May 31, 2014

Small Mindless Insect-Like Creature # 3 (illustrated by Lars Brown)

In the first issue of Sandman Overture, we are introduced to three dominant life forms that inhabit a small planet within a star system of six other planets. There were a race of humanoid creatures with red fur, huge carnivorous plants with limited mobility and this creature.

These small mindless insect-like creatures are described as interested in only laying eggs and food. They swarm when the mood takes them and are able to take on “shapes capable of making art or exploring the solar system.”

This is one of those small minded insects.

It is visible in Sandman Overture # 1, on page 1, in panel 3.

I love Lars’ portrayal of this character. The colors are vibrant and I love the tentacles on it’s face. This is one of my favorite portraits Lars has done up to this point.

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