Friday, July 4, 2014

Venice (illustrated by Ron Chan)

When Dream and Delirium begin their search for Destruction they probably did not expect to find Ishtar, the goddess of love, in a strip club.

Venice, along with several other dancers, was at Suffragette City the night Dream visited Ishtar seeking Destruction. Venice was in the dressing room when Dream arrived and was asked to leave so the King of Dreams could speak privately with Ishtar.

After Dream left, Ishtar dances as she had many years ago, leading to the complete destruction of the strip club.

Tiffany, another dancer, appears to be the only survivor.

Venice appears in Sandman # 45, page 18, in panel 1.

Ron, as always, did a great job with this portrait. I love the perspective of this portrait and the subtle coyness of the design. Also, I really like her hair. This is another example of Ron doing an awesome job with woman characters.

Here is Venice…

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