Thursday, July 10, 2014

German Sailor (illustrated by Ron Chan)

When Jim turned thirteen, he ran away from home to begin his life on the sea.

Shortly after abandoning the Pyramus, he joined the crew of The Sea Witch.

This German sailor was one of the crew of The Sea Witch and Jim described him as being from Hamburg and was very reserved and quiet, but when drunk he would become vocal and talk of politics, often telling everyone that the Kaiser would soon put everyone in their places.

He is introduced in Sandman # 53, on page 6, in panel 2 and appears periodically throughout Jim’s story.

Ron did a fantastic job with this portrait. I love the shape of his face and the way that his hair hangs in front of his forehead. Little things like that may seem insignificant as a glance, but I really like those aspects of art….how the lines flow. Ron also added the bottle in this portrait, which was a nice touch for this character.

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