Thursday, July 3, 2014

Prinado (illustrated by Max Rugers)

Prinado is one of three companions that Barbie travels with while attempting to escape the vile clutches of The Cuckoo.

He was one of Barbie’s friends that she dreamed of when she was younger, before she met Rose…before the night of the weirdness in the house in Florida.

Despite the fact that he was a monkey wearing an adorable outfit, he always appeared to have an aura of sadness and hopelessness about him, but I still felt he was an incredibly likable character.

Prinado died while travelling through the forest with Barbie, Luz and Wilkinson. He was discovered hanging from a vine in a tree, murdered by the Tweeners.

He appears throughout A Game Of You.

Max did a great job with Prinado. I like his realistic approach to this character. It’s definitely different than the cartoonish appearance he has in the published comic. I also like the simplistic colors of his outfit. It’s very smooth, which is a contrast to the line work of the characters face.

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