Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Man At Wanda’s Funeral # 10 (illustrated by Anna Hybsier)

Barbie attended Wanda’s funeral in Kansas. There was a small gathering of people there to support Wanda’s parents, who did not approve of Wanda’s lifestyle.

This man is one of the men at the funeral.

He appears in Sandman # 37, on page 17, panel 5.

I really like this portrait from Anna. I like the line work on his face and the colors used. When I look at this portrait I want to think that this old man isn’t like Wanda’s parents and is not close minded, but I suspect that is not the case. Anna actually did a good job with his expression to reinforce that he, like Wanda’s parent, is close minded and also did not approve of Wanda’s choices and lifestyle.

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