Friday, April 11, 2014

Little Wyvern (illustrated by Anna Hybsier)

After Daniel wanders into The Dreaming, Cain, Abel and Eve tell stories to entertain the child.

Abel tells the story of two brothers who fought often. After one particularly bad fight, Little Dream offered him a house and a job in his garden and a place where he could be happy. His job would be telling secret stories (which is a reference to Abel living in the House Of Secrets and the comic series guest staring Abel published by DC from 1956-1966).

One day when Little Abel was lonely he visited Little Dream’s castle and at the gate was a Little Wyvern and a Little Pegasus.

This is the Little Wyvern who guarded the doorway to Little Dream’s castle.

Little Pegasus appears in Sandman # 40, on page 20, in panel 2.

Anna did a fantastic job with this portrait. It goes really well with the Little Pegasus portrait, which Anna also did. This dragon does not appear to be anything other than happy and cuddly, which works well for Abel’s story.

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