Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Citizen Of Barbie’s World # 14 (illustrated by Lars Brown)

When Barbie was a young girl she dreamed of a magical world where she was a princess. As she grew older her dreams faded and she no longer visited this world.

Her world changed when she encountered one of her imaginary dream friends on the streets of New York.

That evening, when Barbie fell asleep she dreamed of this world once again and became trapped in the mystical dream by an emissary of The Cuckoo.

While in this Dream, Barbie had to confront the Cuckoo, which ultimately lead to the destruction of her world. This creature is one of the residents of Barbie’s World. He appears in only one panel and is seen leaving this world and entering Dream’s cloak to live on in the dreams of others.

This creature can be found in Sandman # 36, on page 34 in panel 1.

I have no idea what this creature is, but it’s pretty cool looking and Lars did a great job with this portrait. I love the colors and the depth of the colors used to bring this creature to life.

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