Thursday, April 17, 2014

Abudah (illustrated by Anna Hybsier)

Abudah is a mysterious character that appears several times throughout the Sandman series.

He first appears in a single panel of Sandman # 22, standing near Merv Pumpkinhead. He then re-appears in The Kindly Ones and is helping Merv Pumpkinhead move a volcano and later carrying a large box of ammunition for Merv to attack The Kindly Ones with. He later appears at the wake for Morpheus.

Abudah appears in Sandman # 22, 60, 66 and 71 on various pages.

Anna did a fantastic job with Abudah. In The Kindly Ones Abudah appears to be a little...mentally challenged and so it is nice to see that Anna did not take that approach with this character. He’s pretty straightforward and, as always, I like the little details in his face and the pencil lines that hopefully will come through in the portrait you are seeing.

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