Sunday, February 9, 2014

Something Huge And Strange (illustrated by Emonic)

When Brant and Charlene are driving back to Chicago they encounter a sudden snow storm and before he could react Something Huge And Strange walked in front of the car, crossing the snowy road.

Brant crashed the car into a tree and eventually wandered through the snow until he found a safehaven…Worlds’ End.

Where did this creature come from and why did it cross the road? What sort of creature was this? These are some of the questions that we never discover and being a fan of cryptozoology, I really want to know more.

This creature appears in the first chapter of Worlds’ End storyline in Sandman # 51 on page 2, in panel 2.

I love Emonic’s portrait for this character. He doesn’t really look strange to me, but I suppose if I saw him while driving down the road I would think that he looked Huge and Strange. This is such a fantastic portrait!!!

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