Friday, February 21, 2014

Blue Beetle (illustrated by Max Rugers)

Blue Beetle is one of the super heroes who appears in the early issues of Preludes And Nocturnes that links the Sandman universe to the DC universe.

Three people have taken the name Blue Beetle. This particular incarnation is Ted Kord, who was a student of the previous Blue Beetle. He has been a member of various super hero teams including Justice League International and Super Buddies.

Ted Kord was shot and killed by Maxwell Lord.

I am not an expert on Blue Beetle and I am sure he has many other memorable exploits that are worth mentioning, but I am just unfamiliar with them.

Blue Beetle does not make a proper appearance in Sandman, but he does appear as a vision within Dream’s cloak as he prepares to begin his quest of locating his stolen tools. Dream’s ruby is believed to be in the possession of The Justice League.

Max did a great job with this portrait. He used torn up paper for the background, which is pretty neat. It works well for this portrait.

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