Monday, February 24, 2014

Little Pegasus (illustrated by Anna Hybsier)

In The Parliament Of Rooks, Cain, Abel and Eve tell stories to entertain each other and a young dreamer, named Daniel who wandered into The Dreaming.

Eve tells a tale about Adam and his three wives. Cain tells the mystery of The Parliament Of Rooks. Abel tells the story of two children, two brothers named Cain and Abel and they fought. Once they were done fighting (Abel edited out the fact that Cain had killed him for the sake of the young listeners), Little Dream offered him a house and a job in his garden.

Little Abel visted the Castle of Little Dream and at the gate was a Little Pegasus and a Little Wyvern. This is the Little Pegasus who guarded the doorway to Little Dream’s castle.

Little Pegasus appears in Sandman # 40, on page 20, in panel 2.

I love this portrait from Anna. It reminds me a lot of My Little Pony, which I think is appropriate because Abel’s story was supposed to be simplified and kid friendly. I really like the colors used. Once again the colors are incredibly vibrant and work well with this portrait.

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