Monday, February 17, 2014

Huge Faceless Woman With A Wolf Astride Her # 1 (illustrated by Ron Chan)

I've been waiting to post this character for a very long time and this morning I decided today is the day.

Today, and for the next three days I am going to be posting some of the most creepiest characters in the Sandman Universe....the Huge Faceless Women with Wolves Astride them.

There are some unsettling characters in the Sandman Universe. I will admit that I didn’t really think much of this character…until I saw Ron’s portrait.

In “The Castle,” which was originally published in Vertigo Jam # 1, the Dreamer recounts a dream he has where he is being eaten by four Huge Faceless Women with Wolves Astride Them. Okay….so maybe they are creepy. This is one of the Huge Faceless Women. She is the lower front left corner.

This is probably my favorite portrait Ron has done so far. He did an absolutely fantastic job with this character. She’s creepy and disturbing and really what more can you ask for with a character like this.

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