Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Village Soldier # 3 (illustrated by Te’Shawn Dwyer)

This Village Soldier appears in “What I’ve Tasted Of Desire” from Endless Nights.

With the village soldiers out on wolf-watch, the Folk From Across The River deliver the head of their leader, and Kara’s husband, to the village, knowing the women were unprotected. Instead of screaming and surrendering, as they expected, Kara fed them a fine meal and sung to them in a seductive manner. Afterwards she teased them and asked which of the men is the most cunning in battle. Nobody can agree and so asked to see the men wrestle, promising the winner something nice.

Each of the men remove their clothes and wrestle. She used their desire for her against them as they passed the night in competition.

When dawn broke, the soldiers returned to the village and slaughtered the men.

This is one of the Village Soldiers.

He appears in “What I’ve Tasted Of Desire” page 19, panel 1.

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