Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Dignitary # 135 (illustrated by Max Rugers)

Dream and his lover, Killalla Of The Glow, travel to the palace to attend the parliament concerning zones of responsibility and the merits of obligation for creation.

Dignitaries from various planets, realms and realities gather to be a part of this important meeting.

This Dignitary is one of many who gathered at the palace.

He is standing on the steps as Death arrives and speaks to Mizar, the host of the parliament.

He appears in the background in Endless Nights, in the story, The Heart Of The Star, on page 8 in panel 2.

This is one of the more interesting and well defined Dignitaries at the parliament. He is very recognizable and unique. I really like how Max approached this character. He really focused on the strangeness of the character. I also like the background colors he used. Not only do they accent the character, but they make me think of the sky, which is completely appropriate for this gathering.

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