Monday, January 4, 2016

Monk # 3 (illustrated by Kai Martin)

In Endless Nights, Alain’s and his court live a life beyond death because they locked their gates, preventing Death from visiting his island.

As time passes, Alain entertains his court with a variety of activities such as masquerades and letting his court watch him get squashed by a large bull elephant. Of course, on some days Alain announces that it’s a day of penitence and mortification.

On those days, a group of monks come to the palace and hear the confessions of the citizens of Alain’s court and after the confessions the penitents kneel and are flogged until their blood ran across the mosaic floor.

This man is one of the Monks of Alain’s island. He appears in Endless Nights, in the Death story on page 7 in panel 2.

This is a wonderful portrait from Kai. I really like that the Monk’s face is hidden from us and the shape of the robes. The pointed top feels very sharp, which is appropriate for this character since they visit Alain’s court to provide the citizens with penitence through pain and flogging.

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