Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Garrett Sanford (illustrated by Mike DeCarlo)

Garrett Sanford was one of the early incarnations of the super hero known as The Sandman.

He was a doctor and an expert in dreams and found himself trapped in the Dream Dimension, created by Brute and Glob during Dream’s imprisonment. He helped protect the dreams of Jed Walker, brother of Rose Walker. At one point, Garrett Sanford worked with the Justice League to fight Doctor Destiny (in Justice League Annual # 1).

Overtime, his imprisonment drove him insane and he eventually killed himself.

His body was then used by Hector Hall, who became the third incarnation of the Sandman.

Garrett Sanford appeared, as The Sandman in Sandman # 1-6, written by Michael Fleisher and illustrated by Jack Kirby. This comic was published by DC between 1974-1976. In Sandman, he appears in Sandman # 12, on page 20, in panel 4.

Mike did a great job with this portrait. I like that he brought the super hero attitude from the 70’s into this portrait. The colors he used were not necessarily accurate to the Sandman costume from the 70’s. but reflect the colors used in Sandman # 12.

Here is the Garrett Sanford Sandman…

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