Monday, December 14, 2015

Onmyoji’s Demon Servant # 5 (illustrated by Max Rugers)

In Dream Hunters, the Onmyoji plots to kill the Monk who lives in the small mountain temple.

One night, while the Fox was out hunting she came across some demons quietly talking in the forest. The Fox lay on the ground and played dead in order to hear the plans these demons recounted.

They spoke of the Onmyoji’s plans to send the Monk three nights of evil dreams and on the third night he would lose his connection to reality and die from lack of food and water.

This demon appears in Dream Hunters on page 22-25.

I really like this portrait from Max. This demon has a very distinctive Japanese feel to him, which is appropriate since this story takes place in Japan. I love the character’s menacing smile and his tilted head. He looks like he’s going to be causing some trouble to anyone who crosses his path.

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