Friday, December 25, 2015

Elderly Dominican Priest # 1 (illustrated by Scott Mills)

When Marco Polo was sixteen he and his father began their trip to the empire of Kubilai Khan they took with them two Elderly Dominican Priests, hoping to convert Kubilai Kahn to Christianity.

Neither of these Dominican Priests could perform the miracles Kubilai Kahn’s priests could.

Along the way the priests became frightened and left the caravan and did not finish their expedition. This is one of those Elderly Dominican Priests. He appears in Sandman # 39 page 12, panel 3. The two priests are walking in front of the caravan and this particular priest is on the right.

Scott did a great job with this character. In the published comic the Dominican Priest is nothing more than a brief mention, but Scott gave this character more personality, making him feel like an actual character.

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