Saturday, May 9, 2015

Ghost Boy # 58 (illustrated by Anna Hybsier)

In Season Of Mists, Lucifer abdicates his position as the ruler of Hell and decides to send all of the residents away. He empties Hell of all the demons and tortured souls and locked the doors behind him as he leaves. Some of them returned to where they died, others went to visit their living relatives.

This Ghost Boy returned to St. Hilarion’s School For Boys where he lived for a crucial and influential part of his life.

He is in the auditorium when the Headmaster is addressing the returning students.

The Ghost Boy appears in Sandman # 25, page 14, panel 5.

I really like Anna’s interpretation of these Ghost Boys and this portrait is no exception. I absolutely love her approach to this character. She definitely gives him an ethereal quality with her use of blues to contrast the blackness and give the appearance that the boy is insubstantial.

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