Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Bar Patron # 6 (illustrated by Lars Brown)

Dream and Death visit a pub in England sometime between 1362-1370 and during this excursion into the waking world Death offers Hob the opportunity to never die and never grow old. He accepts and Dream agrees to meet him once a century to discuss his life, immortality and friendship.

This man is one of the bar patrons in the pub during Dream and Hob’s first encounter.

This Bar Patron appears in Sandman # 13, on page 4, in panel 5.

This is a fantastic portrait from Lars. I really like the gritty appearance of the man, which is historically accurate and appropriate as well as the detailed backgrounds putting this man in a pub in the 14th century. I like Lar’s interpretation of this character having a blackened out eye. Perhaps he is missing an eye. In the published comic his eye is indeed dark, but I always took it to be that he was sitting with this eyes shadowed a little bit. Lar’s approach definitely makes for an interesting character, which I appreciate.

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