Sunday, May 31, 2015

Baby With The US Birthmark (illustrated by Anna Hybsier)

In Worlds’ End, Brant Tucker wandered the halls of the free house and found himself in a room with a man saying that he was a Seeker and was trying to find the world where Prez Rickard became the President Of The United States.

Prez Rickard was an exceptional person and even as a boy he took pride in his country and knew that when he was older he was destined to be President.

As he grew he became even more dedicated to helping people and helping his city of Steadfast.

He ran for president when he was 19 years old.

On election day there were many strange coincidences. Many blind and deaf people regained their sight and hearing, at Cesar’s Palace in Las Vegas all of the slot machines bestowed their jackpots at the exact same time and in New Haven, Connecticut a baby was born with a birthmark on his back in the shape of the United States (excluding Alaska and Hawaii). On this day, Prez Rickard was elected President Of The United States.

This is the baby with the birthmark of the United States on his back.

He appears in Sandman # 54, on page 9, in panel 1.

This is a fantastic portrait from Anna. This is a super cute little baby! Given the nature of the portraits, it’s difficult to capture that this baby has a birthmark on his back, but Anna surpassed my expectation for this character by making him so freakin’ adorable.

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