Saturday, May 30, 2015

Demon # 331 (illustrated by John Carmine)

In Preludes And Nocturnes, Dream visits Hell to retrieve his helmet from a demon who had obtained it in a traded from Ruthven Sykes for an amulet of protection, which was later stolen from him by Ethel Dee.

After reclaiming his helm, as he readies himself to leave, Lucifer challenges Morpheus, telling him that there are millions of demons surrounding him and that he has no power in Hell.

Dream counters and says “What power would Hell have if those here imprisoned were not able to dream of Heaven.”

The crowds of demons part and let him pass, contemplating his words.

This demon is one of the residents of Hell who listened to Morpheus’ speech.

He appears in Sandman # 4, on page 23, in panel 1.

In the published comic this demon is simply a cloaked shape in the background. John took this shape and turned her into a fantastic character. I love this portrait!!! There is a mystery around this character that absolutely intrigues me. I love the colors that John used to highlight this character. The pink of her skin is in contrast to the dark gray backgrounds. This is one of my favorite portraits from John so far.

Here is Demon # 331…

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