Friday, August 1, 2014

Village Woman # 11 (illustrated by Max Rugers)

In “What I’ve Tasted Of Desire,” a story from Endless Nights, Kara tells the story of her relationship with her husband and ultimately the story of her life.

Prior to falling in love with Kara, her husband, the son of the leader of the village, was a bit of a ladies man and all the women from the village loved him. In turn, he had sex with a lot of the young beautiful women from the village.

This woman is one of the many women that he had sex with prior to marrying Kara. He had sex with her beneath a tree.

She appears in Endless Nights, in “What I’ve Tasted Of Desire” page 4, panel 2.

This is another gorgeous portrait from Max. In the published comic this woman has blonde hair, but I definitely think that she works well with red hair in this portrait. I really like this one. He really captured the beauty of the village woman and the portrait just feels very serene.

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