Monday, August 11, 2014

Corpse Pile # 2 (illustrated by John Carmine)

This is one of the weirdest characters within the Sandman universe…and I question whether it can be categorized as a single character or a group of single characters. I decided to approach this as a single character since there isn’t much definition for the individual characters and since there are multiple “corpse piles” within the series.

This particular corpse pile appears in Season Of Mists and is shown as Lucifer speaks to his minions and demons in Hell and proclaims that he is waiting for Dream to arrive in Hell, attempting to free Nada from torment.

The Corpse Pile appears in Sandman # 22, on page 21, in panel 4.

John’s portrait is equally as disturbing as the published comic. There is an element of sexuality in this portrait that makes it even creepier than simply the implication that this is a pile of corpses and tortured people.

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