Monday, August 25, 2014

Airline Customs Agent # 1 (illustrated by John Carmine)

In The Kindly Ones, Rose journeys to England after Zelda gives her a message from her grandmother saying that if she goes to her she’ll return her heart (which is a reference to the final chapter of The Doll’s House, where Unity took Rose’s heart to assume the roll of the dream vortex).

Rose goes to England and on the flight she sits next to a guy who smells sour and unwashed and is reading a pornographic magazine.

When she gets off the plane, she is stopped by a customs agent who looks through her personal belongings. The creepy guy walks past her as the agent is looking at her lacy underwear.

This Airline Customs Agent appears in Sandman # 62, on page 1, in panel 5.

John did a fantastic job with this character. In the published comic we do not see this man’s face, but John captured a perfect expression of embarrassment, which is how I think I would feel if I was looking through someone’s luggage and ran across some sexy underwear.

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