Monday, August 18, 2014

Pucci (illustrated by John Carmine)

Merv Pumpkinhead has several bat helpers that follow him around throughout The Kindly Ones.

He appears when Merv is working and Matthew stops to talk to him about previous ravens.

The bat helpers appear again when Merv and Abudah are moving a volcano.

The Pucci and the other bat helpers appear a third time when Merv is about to launch an assault on The Kindly Ones. Pucci can be seen carrying tiny machine gun.

Pucci appears in Sandman # 57, 60, and 66.

This is an awesome portrait from John. In The Kindly Ones, the bat simply black bat shapes, but John gave him the features of a bat. I really like bats and so this character and the details of this portrait are particularly awesome. This is another of my favorite portraits from John.

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