Friday, August 8, 2014

Roman Citizen # 143 (illustrated by Steve Rolson)

In Sandman # 30, Augustus Caesar and his friend Lycius sit on some steps near the marketplace dressed as beggars and discussing politics, power and dreams.

This Roman Citizen is one of the many citizens who pass through the market on this day.

He is barely visible in Sandman # 30, page 13, and in panel 4.

I like obscure characters like these because it gives each artist to interpret the characters that is not limiting them to drawing a specific character in the book. I really enjoy seeing what everyone brings to these characters. Steve did a fantastic job with this character. He basically created this character from his impression and expectations of what this Roman citizen would look like and I think he did an excellent job. I like that Steve gave this character curly hair. Even though it’s something seemingly simple and insignificant, to me it adds a neat feature to the character that is very distinctive and helps add to his personality.

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