Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Serial Killer # 36 (illustrated by Lars Brown)

Not all serial killers look frightening or suspicious and this man is a perfect example of a deadly killer who can easily blend into a crowd. He looks like someone you would see walking down your street, the guy you recognize from the grocery store, or maybe even your neighbor.

This man attended the Cereal Convention and was hanging out in the hotel lobby as Nimrod walked around making sure everyone had checked in with registration.

This serial killer appears in Sandman # 14 on page 3, in panel 3. He is sitting on the couch.

I like Lar’s approach to this character. Not only did he conceal this man’s face, hiding his identity, but he also made him seem like a completely likable fellow. He seems like someone I might see at Starbucks, while getting coffee, maybe even a barista, secretly waiting to find his next unsuspecting victim.

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