Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Bar Patron # 9 (illustrated by Max Rugers)

This man is one of the people in the pub when Hob met Dream sometime between 1362 and 1370.

He is sitting at the same table as Hob and laughs at Hob’s idea that the way to live forever is to simply not die. He jokes and says that if Hob’s can live forever then he is Pope Urban, which I believe is Pope Blessed Urban V.

He can be seen in Sandman # 13 on page 5, in panel 3.

Max took a unique approach to this character, making him look a little grittier than in the published comic, which is probably more historically accurate, although I don’t know if they had glass bottles at that point in history.

I've also included a little back doodle that Max did....I thought it was funny so I wanted to share it.

Here is Bar Patron # 9….

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