Saturday, March 8, 2014

Ruthven Sykes (illustrated by Max Rugers)

Ruthven Sykes was a member of The Order Of Ancient Mysteries and one of the inner circle of Roderick Burgess’ occult empire. He was present on that fateful night on June 10th, 1916 when Burgess attempted to capture Death, but instead captured her brother Dream.

Sykes served as Burgess’ second-in-command until November 1930 when he left the order quicky and without fanfare. He had been having an affair with Ethel Dee, Roderick Burgess’ lover, and they disappeared together. When they left, they took with them many of the Order’s treasures and cash, but also the helmet, the ruby and the bag of sand from the captured Dream Lord.

Not one to be slighted, Burgess declared magical war on Ruthven Sykes and Ethel Dee.

Sykes traded Dream’s helmet to a demon for a protection amulet to keep them hidden from Burgess.

Sometime in 1936, Ethel Dee left Sykes and took the protection amulet with her. Once Sykes was no longer under the protection of the demon’s gift, Burgess was able to take his revenge on his one time friend.

Ruthven Sykes appears in Sandman # 1.

Max did a fantastic job with this character. I really like his approach to Ruthven Sykes and I think the backgrounds really work well with the overall portrait.

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