Friday, March 21, 2014

Adam (illustrated by Anna Hybsier)

Everyone knows the story of Adam and his wife Eve, but there is more to Adam than people may realize.

Eve tells the story of Adam and his marriages and, as she does, she reveals some secrets that are not commonly known.

Adam began as a “hermaphorodite, an androgyne giant” with “Four arms, four lets, two heads, two sets of sexual organs, two bodies joined back to back and God divided Adam into two beings. One Male, One Female.” Adam’s first wife was Lilith, but she was too strong, powerful and intelligent for Adam and she was expelled from Eden.

God then created a second wife, who never had a name. She was created from nothingness, from bones, to muscle to skin. Adam would not go near her because “he saw her full of secretions and blood.”

God then put Adam to sleep and took a rip from his side and created Eve. When he awoke, he was immediately in love with her, perhaps partially because she came from him and it satisfied his male ego.

After living in the garden Adam and his third wife, Eve at from the Tree Of Knowledge Of Good And Evil and since they were able to differentiate between Good and Evil they were no longer allowed in Paradise. God was afraid that if they disobeyed him once that they would disobey him again and eat from the Tree Of Life and life forever.

Adam and Eve lived together until Adam died. How he died is not revealed by Eve.

Adam appears in Sandman # 40 on pages 13-16.

I like this portrait from Anna. I like that Adam looks happy and content with things in his life.

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