Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Man # 291 (illustrated by Anna Hybsier)

In London in June 1920, the news of John Hathaway’s suicide spreads through the city. Young boys are selling newspapers with headlines questioning his mental health and asking questions of the mysteries surrounding his death. The streets are bustling.

This man is driving down the street in one of the two cars seen on the street. He is in the front seat. Originally I thought this character was a woman, but looking closely at this panel the second person in the car looks like he is in the backseat and so that leads me to believe this character is probably a chauffeur and in the 1920’s it would likely be a man performing this job.

He appears in Sandman # 1, on page 14, in panel 1.

This man is barely more than a blob in the published comic and Anna did a great job bringing him to life. I love his happy expression. He seems to really like driving or perhaps he likes feeling the wind blowing through his hair and he drives his fancy car through town. Either way, I really like this portrait and think that Anna did a fantastic interpretation of this obscure character.

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