Monday, July 20, 2015

Jamaican Woman # 2 (illustrated by Max Rugers)

In Preludes And Nocturnes Daniel Bustamonte falls victim to the sleeping sickness that happens as a result of Roderick Burgess imprisoning of the King of Dreams.

Daniel spends a lot of his time on the streets, barely awake.

This Jamaican Woman is one of the many people who pass by Daniel, in 1968, while he sleepwalks through his world.

She appears in Sandman # 1, on page 23, in panel 4. This woman is off panel, and you can barely see her hair on the right side of the panel.

I love this portrait from Max. In the published comic, we barely get a glimpse of this woman’s hair and Max took this small detail and really fleshed out this character. I really like her facial expression and the hint of redness on her lips. I also really like her hair. This feels like a real woman who might be seen walking the streets of Jamaica.

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