Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Bar Patron # 33 (illustrated by Mike DeCarlo)

In The Doll’s House, we get a glimpse of the beginnings of the friendship between Hob Gadling and the King Of Dreams.

Beginning sometime between 1362-1370, Hob and Dream agree to meet every century to talk about life from the previous hundred years.

Sometime between 1862-1870, Dream and Hob meet again in a pub. Pubs have changed drastically since their first meeting, but the people, in character, remain the same throughout the eras.

This man is one of the men in the pub when Dream and Hob meet.

He appears in Sandman # 13, on page 22, in panel 2. He is standing in the background.

This is a wonderful portrait from Mike. I really like his stoic expression and the line work used to create his suit. It’s little details like that which make this project fun to me.

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