Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Witch # 2 (illustrated by Anna Hybsier)

After deciding that he was too afraid to continue the production of his play Typhoid Mary Blues, Todd Faber falls asleep and dreams of climbing a tall rock face. Upon reaching the top he encounters Dream of The Endless.

Todd, realizing that he is in a dream and recounts, to the King of Dreams, a nightmare he had when he was five or six. He tells Morpheus that in his dream he was trapped in a house full of witches and to escape he climbed onto the roof of the house. The roof then tilted and he fell off. He knew that if he hit the ground he would die and he pulled himself out of the dream because he didn’t know how to wake himself up. Dream gives Todd some advice and tells him that there is an alternative to dying if he falls.

This Witch is one of the witches from Todd’s nightmare.

This Witch appears in Fear Of Falling (originally published in Vertigo Preview # 1 on page 5.

This witch is frightening and it’s easy to see why Todd might be afraid of her. Anna did an excellent job making this character scary, someone any six year old would be horrified to meet, even in a dream.

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