Thursday, April 16, 2015

Man From The Tale On The Painted Screen # 7 (illustrated by John Carmine)

When the Monk arrives in The Dreaming he passes through many rooms on his way to the throne room of the Dream King.

He passes a series of painted screens. When he looked at the screens they were “frozen and still” but if he looked away and then glanced at it again the scenes would change and a new tale would begin.

This man is one of the characters on the painted screen in The Dreaming.

He appears in P. Craig Russell’s adaptation of The Dream Hunters, in issue # 3, on page 16 in panel 4.

This is another fabulous portrait from John. I love the expression on this character’s face and I am wondering what he’s glancing at. The backgrounds and the colors really make this character stand out with the use of the bright red of his hat and clothing. This is an obscure character from Dream Hunters and John really brought him to life with this portrait.

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