Thursday, April 9, 2015

Actor Playing A Werewolf (illustrated by Lars Brown)

In Preludes And Nocturnes, as John Dee begins to use Dream’s ruby to assert his control over reality, the customers at a small diner in Mayhew are the first to feel the effects of the chaos.

As time passes and the customers of the diner begin to feel the influence of John Dee’s will, they become violent or overly sexual acting out things that they may have only experienced in their dreams or nightmares.

John Dee, at one point, forces two of the men in the restaurant to fight. Garry and Mark begin fighting in the crowded diner. In the background a monster movie is playing on the television.

This man is the actor who plays the werewolf in the movie being broadcast on television.

Based on the dialogue from the movie, this seems like it may be the 1941 Wolfman movie released by Universal Pictures. If this is the case then this actor is Lon Chaney. The thing is…this werewolf is does not look like the Wolfman from the 1941 movie. This comic was published in June 1989. From 1988-1989 there was an American tv show called Werewolf that was basically about a college student who succumbed to the curse of the werewolf and his quest to lift the curse. If the show on tv is Werewolf the actor may be John J. York. The image of the werewolf on the tv screen seems to fit that show and the time frame works, but I cannot say if that exact line appears in the television show since I have not seen this show since it was originally broadcast and it's not available on dvd.

This character appears in Sandman # 6 on page 19 in panel 6.

Lars did a fantastic job with this portrait. I love his depiction of the werewolf and the details he added to the character. I also really like that he used the television as a framework for this portrait. It’s a nice touch and makes me smile when I see it in context with this character.

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