Monday, April 27, 2015

Ruthven (illustrated by Max Rugers)

Ruthven is one of the residents of The Dreaming. He is always seen with a woman who I call The Dutchess. He is seen primarily in The Kindly Ones, but does appear on one page of Brief Lives as well.

In The Kindly Ones, he becomes a victim of the Kindly One’s wrath and is seen dead being eaten by one of the Ravens.

In the Wake, he has been resurrected by Daniel and is seen, once again, with The Dutchess.

There is very little known about Ruthven despite the fact that he is a very prominent reoccurring background character.

Ruthven appears in Sandman # 49 on page 14, Sandman # 58 on page 18, Sandman # 66 on page 14, and Sandman # 71 page 3.

Max did an exceptional job with this portrait. I love the details Max put into this character. The line work is awesome on this character, giving the fur a realistic look. Max also added bits of magazine and tape to this portrait adding texture to this portrait. I really like this portrait! I know I say this often, but this is one of my favorites that Max has done at this point.

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