Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Wierdzo Orderly # 1 (illustrated by John Carmine)

As Wanda’s dream fades into a nightmare she finds herself in a hospital on a gurney being wheeled into the operating room by two Wierdzo Orderlies. Wanda, who in her nightmare sees herself as her former self, cries out that she is afraid of surgery.

The Wierdzo characters are comic book characters that Wanda liked when she was young. They appeared in Hyperman comics. These characters are, obviously, a homage to Bizarro who appears in Superman comics.

The Wierdzo Orderly appears in Sandman # 33 on page 13 in panel 4.

The perspective of this portrait makes the this Orderly look very frightening, which is absolutely necessary based on the character’s role in the comic. I like the line work on his face, which really accents the terrifying nature of this character.

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