Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Mummy # 2 (illustrated by Lukas Ketner)

In Worlds’ End, Petrefax retells a story of his experience at an air burial.

According to the rituals of an air burial, each member of the funeral party tell a tale.

Master Hermas tells a true story from his youth when he and Klaproth were apprentices under Mistress Veltis.

When Veltis was an apprentice she accidentally broke a flask of preserving fluid. She was ashamed and ran and hid from her master. She chose the catacombs beneath the city as her hiding place. In the catacombs she travelled a path she had never taken before, passing a wall of mummies, and eventually finding herself in a huge room with six cerements hanging in that room.

This is one of the mummies that she passed on her decent into the catacombs.

This mummy appears in Sandman # 55, on page 20, in panel 3.

I really like this portrait from Lukas. Each of the bandages has it’s own unique details and shading which gives the portrait a more realistic look. I also love the tufts of hair coming out of the bandages. This is one of my favorite portraits from Lukas.

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