Sunday, November 2, 2014

Headmaster Theodore (illustrated by Ibrahim Moustafa)

Headmaster Theodore was the Headmaster at St. Hilarions when the dead returned to the school for boys.

Charles Rowland was the only boy left at the school while the other boys returned to their families for the holidays. He would take his meals with Headmaster Theordore and Miss Gribble.

One morning Charles went down to the dining hall for breakfast and nobody was there and there was no breakfast waiting for him. At lunch time he went to the dining hall again to find it empty. He went to the headmaster’s study and found the Headmaster at his desk with his deceased mother who had returned from Hell to visit with her son.

Theodore had a very unique relationship with his mother. She seemed to be a very harsh woman when she was both alive and dead. Theodore is a bit of a Momma’s boy and has an unusual attachment to his mother.

Headmaster Theodore appears throughout Sandman # 25.

Ibrahim did an awesome job with this portrait. It’s simple, but it captures Headmaster Theodore perfectly. I particularly like this hair and the lines within this hair. It’s subtle little details like this that really make a huge difference with a portrait.

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