Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Japanese Woman # 10 (illustrated by Anna Hybsier)

The Fox, disguised as a beautiful woman, told The Onmyoji that she would not be with him unless he left his wife and concubine and became free to love her, got rid of his house, and to forsake all of his magics. The Onmyoji, desperate to be loved by this woman, set fire to his house, killing his wife, concubine and all of his possessions. He then brought all of his magical items and scrolls to the woman. She then asked him to remove his clothes, moved close to kiss him, but instead transformed back into her true shape and bit out his eye.

After the Fox took her revenge on The Onmyoji, he wandered the streets in rags and insane.

This woman is one of the many people who passed him by as he sat on the streets in misery.

She appears in the P. Craig Russell adaptation of The Dream Hunters,in issue # 4, on page 27 in panel 3.

This Japanese woman is absolutely beautiful and Anna did a fantastic job with this portrait. I love the shape of this woman’s face and her hair is gorgeous. The blacks are very deep and the contrast of the blue is spectacular. This is one of my favorite portraits from Anna.

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