Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Reveler At Alain’s Masked Ball # 31 (illustrated by Max Rugers)

In Endless Nights, Alain’s and his court live a life beyond death because they locked their gates, preventing Death from visiting his island and the citizens of his court.

As time passes, Alain entertains his court with a variety of activities such as masquerades.

This character is one of the people who attended Alain’s masquerade. He is in a group of people listening to Alain speak about their nightly pleasures and that tomorrow will never come because every day is their perfect day.

He appears in Endless Nights, in the Death story illustrated by P. Craig Russell entitled “Death In Venice,” on page 13, in panel 4.

This is a fabulous portrait from Max. There is so much detail packed into this portrait. I love the highly detailed wig he is wearing and the fur around the collar of his robes. I love his expression and the purple used on the mask. I also like the textured background made from torn up magazines. It really adds a festive feeling to this portrait.

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